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by Ciro Discepolo

Starting from today I will write, I hope, many astrological FAQ.

These are Faq #1




Why do you write, in your books, that in the economy of the facts of a year the transits count just a little while the positions of the celestials in the Aimed Solar Returns’ Houses count almost everything?

Once upon a time a man asked me for help. He had a bank job and he was the first name of next fired on a list on the director’s desk. It was three years that Saturn transited in his tenth House and, in the following months, he would have had even Saturn in opposition to his natal Sun. I put, for him, in the Aimed Solar Return sky, a beautiful Jupiter joined to MC. The results: he was not fired and he received a salary rise. When he wrote to me, I saw, on the paper, his tears of joy.



I don’t know. I repeat that my knowledge in the topic of the Solar and Lunar Returns comes only by a long and a big practice. If you don’t believe it, then organize this test: put a marvellous Mars (that receive only good planetary aspects) in the sixth House of a Solar Return and you will observe that the year will be very bad. In the opposite way we find that if you place a very devastated (by many square and opposition aspects) Venus in the second House, you will observe, one year later, that this “devastated” Venus was very good for money.



Why do you write, in your books, as regards the Aimed Solar Returns and the Aimed Lunar Returns, that the First, Sixth and Twelfth Houses are so much bad?

(From a comment of mine to some reviews on

I wish to thank you for your today’s review to my book (Transits and Solar Returns, Ricerca ’90 Publisher) that, I think, put in a right light some important points of my will when I decided to write it.
I desire to thank even the other reviewers, women and men that wrote well of my treatise and even men that wrote critically or quasi-critically about it. It is right that everyone can express his or her own judgement. 
I thank you also because you inserted, in your review, the link to my webpage where everyone, even many times in a day, can calculate, for free, the Index of Risk for the Year that is a good help to follow my school of Astrology.
Then I would add, shortly, to your good review, a single item, to precise something that is difficult to believe for many readers that read this argument for the first time. In my February 16th blog I wrote to an African reader of mine:

"I realize that many rules contained in my English book “Transits and Solar Returns” are difficult to understand, but it depends on several factors. First you have to consider that my studies and my researches, always accompanied by thousands of practical exercises, are contained in about 65 books, but you English readers can read only three of these books. Moreover, even within the book you mentioned, if not read carefully, you cannot understand the meaning of what I mean to express. Let’s take an example and we follow the rule that says ‘when Mars is in the first, in the sixth or in the twelfth Houses of Solar Return, it brings a very bad year, especially on health’. However, not everyone reads carefully what I have written: health, both in the physical sense and in psychological terms. Once a friend of mine was arguing that he had Mars in the sixth House, in the last Aimed Solar Return, and nothing had happened with his health. And I asked: “What? You have just said to me that your girlfriend left you and you did not want to see anyone for a month! This, according to you, doesn’t mean bad health?”. 

Several other people, sometimes, live for months with sadness or anxiety about an university test that did not go very well or because they fight with a parent or a teacher at university: this is not always suffering and ill health?

We are not always aware of the diseases that plague us. Personally I lost two sisters for cancer. The second of the two was hit by a terrible cancer of the bowel which, according to the doctors, she had grown inside her for about ten years. Finally, last but not least, let me remind that for foreign readers is difficult to recall, in a book of about 600 pages, something that I repeat in any Italian book of mine: I never said that every time we had Mars of Solar Return in the first, in the sixth or in the twelfth Houses, we will be suffering from an ulcer or we will suffer for an amputating leg. I have said, however, that whenever we are suffering from an ulcer or an amputated leg there are certainly, in our Solar Return, Mars or the Sun or the Ascendant or a stellium in the first or in the sixth or in the twelfth Houses.





Surely I would try to place Venus or Jupiter or Venus plus Jupiter in the fifth or in the seventh Houses of the subject. But, usually, I never work trying to stimulate at least two or three Sectors of the Return Map contemporarily.
For example even the combination Jupiter joined to MC and Venus in the Fifth or in the seventh House, is a very good one because the tenth House works as magnifier of the fifth or of the seventh House.
In the same way, I can use the second House, that is also the House of  the image, of the look, and so I give a bigger visibility to the subject that has even Venus or Jupiter in the fifth or in the seventh House.
Obviously I will try to avoid a Mars in the eleventh House because this position is a starter of fights in general.
You have to beware of Jupiter in the seventh Return Houses for itsbistable oscillator effect.
From my book “Transits and Solar Returns”, the chapter “Jupiter in the seventh House of the Solar Return”:

In the Seventh House of SR, Jupiter behavior is more or less similar to that of its transit of the natal 7th House. Usually, due to the ‘bistable’ effect that I have already described, Jupiter lends you a helping hand and solves your troubles concerning your love life, marriage, and anything related with stamped paper. If you are not involved in any affair but you strongly wish to be involved – and if there are at least the theoretical preconditions for that to happen – you can surely hope to have a promising encounter during the twelve months of the Solar Return. It may be an important person with whom you might establish a quite steady relationship. Also, if your love life has been recently spoiled by a crisis, a temporary separation, and/or by incessant tensions, with the arrival of a Solar Return with Jupiter in the 7th House you stand very good chances to overcome your misunderstandings, and to restore the nice, peaceful and loving atmosphere of the good old times. The same happens for legal issues, lawsuits, legal proceedings, pending issues with justice. If you are under investigation or if you are on trial, if you are engaged in an exhausting lawsuit, then it’s highly probable that you’ll find an important resource, an unexpected help, a kind of miraculous support, something or somebody who gets you out of trouble or manages to produce a favourable judgment – or at least, a sentence which is not so bad for you. The other way around, if you are having a wonderful time in your love life and if you aren’t facing any trouble at all with the law, then Jupiter in the 7th House may bring huge quarrels, separations, even a divorce, stamped paper of all kinds, troubles with justice, individuals or institutions attacking you, declared enemies, and even more: with this Jupiter one can even expect to be a victim of acts of terrorism, robberies or attempts of robbery. Someone might wound you. As I said, it is not clear how it really works: still, having collected and studied thousands and thousands of charts of Solar Returns, I can assert for certain that this rule proves to be true in the overwhelming majority of the cases, if not in all of them.
The same reasoning can be ascribed to your partner, husband or wife, associates in business, education, politics, etc. Nonetheless besides the bipolarity that I have defined as ‘bistable’ there’s another attribute that I’ve often met with this celestial position. During the twelve months of such a SR, your partner, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, associate or whatever, is bound to stand out for some reason. They might recover from bad health or they might grow in their profession or social position, and so on. It is a good time, anyway, to take somebody into partnership, if this is what you are looking for.

- Ciro Discepolo Complete bibliography