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Some Explanations Relatively to My 30 Rules
by Ciro Discepolo

Some of my English language readers, sometimes, wrote to me, in a critical way, to express their disappointment towards what I wrote in these two rules.
The common feature of these critiques is the following: it is not possible that every time that we have in our Solar Returns Maps an Ascendant or Sun, or Mars or a stellium in the first or in the sixth or in the twelfth Houses, we will live a tremendous year with sickness, injuries, big troubles, etc., because these astrological positions are very frequent.

Let me remind you the 4th and the 5th rules:


4) Remember that if the Ascendant, a stellium, or the Sun of the Solar Return lies in the 1st, the 6th, or the 12th House, with almost no difference of strength between them, you should expect to have a very burdensome, dangerous, critical and gloomy year in one or more aspects of your life – not just specifically concerning your health, work or love alone. In almost the totality of cases, it will be an annus horribilis, a year that you’ll remember for many years more, and yet a year to forget. I understand that with these words of mine I emphasize this rule extraordinarily – but it is exactly what I intend to do. It is my opinion that no author has ever declared this fact with such a stress, but I find it correct to write down certain rules with exclamation marks – and this is one the rule that needs to be written down so, more than all the others. Some have talked about the 12th House as a fairly negative House, but none has ever demonized it. Also, no one has ever criminalized the 6th and the 1st House either. Simply try and follow this rule, and then let me know. When these Houses are involved in a Solar Return you should expect troubles all around you, in any field of your life: troubles in love, troubles with health, with justice, with money, with a death, and so on.

5) The very same rule applies to Mars in the 12th, 6th, or 1st House of the Solar Return. This position alone may be enough to spoil a year that other elements of the Solar Return or other transits made out to be a very good year.


Well, I will begin my “defence” telling you an episode of my past as professional astrologer.
Once upon a time a customer of mine was asking me about his life. I, before starting our consultation, made some checks on his sincerity: “Please, tell me what terrible thing damaged you about 12-13 years ago”.
“Nothing, absolutely nothing!”.
And his wife: “But, what are you saying? Have you forgotten that you were very near to throwing yourself out of the window?”.
“Yes, it is true, but after it everything ended!”.


Writing this episode I don’t want to affirm that most customers are liars.
No, I want to say that – fortunately – all of us forget the troubles of life.


But let me go in details.


First. Take a 52 pages newspaper: is it true or not that 51 out of 52 pages are full of bad and very bad news, every day? And is it not true that the only good news page refers to a new biochemical discovery that, probably, will give us a cure for cancer in thirty years?

Second. In these rules of mine we have to consider that when I write about sickness and injuries I refer to physical and psychological troubles and then do you think that it is very rare that you broke your knee last year, suffered from a depression two years ago, had a marriage crisis three years ago, were in tribulation for a school crisis of your kids four years ago, cried a lot for your father’s death five years ago and so on?


Third. Many times the subject is not conscious of the penalization suffered in that year. Two examples: 1) A man is happy because nothing bad occurred to him in that year, but I know that his wife has a  love affair while he doesn’t. 2) A sickness has started in the body of a person that believes his year was wonderful.


Fourth. I never said that every time we have the Sun or Mars or the Ascendant or a Stellium in the first or in the sixth or in the twelfth Solar Return’s Houses we will lose a leg under a bus, but, at the opposite, if we lose a leg under a bus, in a very disgraceful year, we, certainly, have the Sun, or Mars, or the Ascendant or a Stellium in the twelfth Solar Return’s Houses.


Fifth. Last but not least we have to remember that these bad situations listed in the 4th and 5th rules will be much worsened if, in the year in object, there are some very heavy transits like a Saturn on the Sun or Uranus squaring the Moon, etc.