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Please Read It
by Ciro Discepolo





I am sorry. My website in these last six months has been attacked by some hackers.  Some tried to steal parts of my software and others to sabotage other parts of my software. Unfortunately they were able to do, in part, both things.

One of the pages sabotaged is the one about the Free Calculation Of The Index Of Risk For the Year.

Contemporarily my webmaster had to leave me because he had too much personal work.

In this moment I cannot pay another webmaster able to rebuild these pages.

However I’d like to explain to you that, probably, today you don’t need to calculate the Index of Risk For The Year.

I’d like to tell you why. Please, note that IRY (the Index Of Risk For The Year) was an old software of mine that preceded my book “Transits And Solar Returns” by many years. Actually in my previous books the rules that, in my opinion, are the bases to aim a good Solar Return, were scattered in different volumes and in different pages very distant from each other.

In this situation the Reader had to produce a very big work to keep together in his mind all these rules.

Later, when I published my “Transits and Solar Returns”, I condensed in few pages the famous Thirty Rules.

Then it is very easy, indeed, to understand at a glance if an Aimed Solar Return is against the 30 Rules and then if it is to avoid or not.

Yes, but I think that in this moment the Reader is asking to me, theoretically, why have you published, in that book, the IRY in relation to 100 examples of Aimed Solar Returns of famous and not so famous characters?

I published them to help the Reader to understand better this important point of my school.

But, I repeat, I never consider today the IRY because I am able, and you are as well, to see the danger of an Aimed Solar Return simply remembering the 30 rules.

Repeating and condensing even more this concept, I will say that in the Eighties it was necessary to utilise a software to collect all my rules from many books and many pages. Now this software is absolutely useless because we have the 30 Rules.



Attention: starting from August 26th the FREE SERVICE was restored. Thank you for your patience.


Ciro Discepolo