Ciro Discepolo | English corner | FAQ 2


by Ciro Discepolo

These are Faq #2





What would you place, in an Aimed Solar Return or in an Aimed Lunar Return, to improve money for the subject?



First of all I should try to place Venus in the second or in the eighth Houses. This is the most important action to improve the money situation.

If possible I should try to place a very important stellium in the second House, for example: Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Sun and Pluto.

The same thing in the eighth House is not possible because in the eighth House is possible to put a maximum of two celestials. We could put, however, Venus and Jupiter in the eighth House.

The Sun in the second or in the eighth House indicates only a larger flux of money: money that enters and money that goes.

On Jupiter in the second or in the eights House, you have to remember another important thing: the question that I named “bistable oscillator effect”.

Now I remind you what I wrote about Jupiter in the second House and about Jupiter in the eight House.


In the Second House of SR, Jupiter is in one of the three adverse positions that we have to consider carefully. In the section about the transits of Jupiter you can read what I wrote about the bistable oscillator. Let’s repeat it once again here in brief. A bistable oscillator is an electronic circuit that determines the inversion of the output signal for any input impulse. For instance, assume that the oscillator switches on an output bulb when the first impulse arrives. If a second impulse arrives the oscillator switches the bulb off. At the third impulse, it switches the bulb on again, and so on. This mean that the position of Jupiter in the three aforementioned Houses usually induces an inversion of the previous condition. Jupiter in the 2nd House of SR means certainly an increased circulation of money, but it may be either an input or an output of money. Only a general outlook of the individual’s current situation helps you understand in which way this Jupiter will work. Here are some examples. If you find this position in a SR with other Houses involved such as the 12th, the 1st, or the 6th House, it almost certainly means loss of money. If the SR refers to dealers or businessmen whose Saturn is transiting their 2nd or 8th radix house, then it almost means certainly an outflow of money. If the individual is making repairs at home, or if he is purchasing an estate, and his SR shows an occupation of the 4th House, then it indicates cash disbursements – a real a drain of money.

On the contrary, if the SR shows an occupation of the 4th House and the native is selling an estate, then this Jupiter should mean an inflow of money – much money. If you stick to this reasoning, you should be able to understand the direction of the flow of capital with a good degree of precision. If a worker has been laid off and he has got bad transits, with a Jupiter in the 2nd House of SR he might even lose his job and reduced to penury. Of course, as they say: last but not least – you have to consider the birth chart of the native. For if you are able to make a fortune selling grasshoppers in Africa, or refrigerators in Alaska, then you are able to increase your income even with this celestial position. If you were unlucky with money since birth, expect to face further financial trouble with this celestial position. Such a position may also indicate an increased ‘presence’ of the native, who will probably participate in TV programs or public ceremonies, or his picture may appear on a paper or be broadcast in the news, during the year of this SR. The native may also show an increased interest (and receive particular satisfaction) in the fields of photography, theatre, graphics, design, computer–aided graphics, commercial art. He might decide to purchase tools to operate in the aforementioned fields of activity. The native may even become more beautiful thanks to a diet, a new look, a different hairstyle, a fine new set of teeth, plastic surgery, or by simply growing a new beard and/or a moustache, and so on. He takes more care in dressing. With this position of Jupiter it is almost impossible that the native does not purchase a monitor or a large screen television set, or that he does not become keen, maybe occasionally, on taking pictures or videos. Probably his picture will be published in the papers, or maybe he improves his sight by having his eyes operated with laser surgery. If he’s an actor, he will perform more during the year, for instance he may appear often in a TV commercial.




Jupiter in the 8th House of SR, as well as in the 2nd House, means surely a definite increased flow of money within the native’s natural financial situation (i.e. a few millions for someone, billions for some others). This flow may be incomes or outflows depending upon inheritance you take possession of; donations; gambling wins; endowments; pensions; severance pay; arrears; unexpected income; good transactions; or brokerage; but it may also be gambling losses; theft; huge expenses for your house; your partner’s debts; frauds you are a victim of; bad stock speculations or bad speculations in general; money that you lent and that will never be returned, and so on.

If you don’t pay attention, with this position you run the risk of facing real drains of money. Sometimes the effect of this Jupiter may be deceptive. For instance, it may help you obtain a loan, a subsidy, a financing, and it helps you to be granted quite huge amounts too – but you may not be able to refund this money later on, so that eventually its presence in the 8th House may be adverse for you. This position of Jupiter also indicates possible advantages from a death – not only financial advantages.

You stand a fair chance in any kind of underground research – it may also be a matter of digging into your own psyche. Your sexual life gets better. The latter point is not subject to any two–faced interpretation: it often tells you that a new love affair is arriving, or that things are bound to settle down positively with your partner. There may be a possible amplification of the native’s psychic powers and likelihood of benefits that have something to do with cemeteries.





What would you place, in an Aimed Solar Return or in an Aimed Lunar Return, to improve the law sector for the subject?



Remember that the eleventh House is similar to a seventh House, only to an octave lower.

Then I will put Venus or Jupiter in the seventh or in the tenth Houses, privileging absolutely Venus over Jupiter that, as you remember, can work even as a “bistable oscillator”.

Then I will try avoiding Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, and even the Sun, in the seventh or in the eleventh Houses, placing there, instead, possibly, Venus and Jupiter.

But the “bistable oscillator” effect is only for Jupiter in the seventh House that I remind you:


In the Seventh House of SR, Jupiter behavior is more or less similar to that of it’s transit of the natal 7th House. Usually, due to the ‘bistable’ effect that I have already described, Jupiter lends you a helping hand and solves your troubles concerning your love life, marriage, and anything related with stamped paper. If you are not involved in any affair but you strongly wish to be involved – and if there are at least the theoretical preconditions for that to happen – you can surely hope to have a promising encounter during the twelve months of the Solar Return. It may be an important person with whom you might establish a quite steady relationship. Also, if your love life has been recently spoiled by a crisis, a temporary separation, and/or by incessant tensions, with the arrival of a Solar Return with Jupiter in the 7th House you stand very good chances to overcome your misunderstandings, and to restore the nice, peaceful and loving atmosphere of the good old times. The same happens for legal issues, lawsuits, legal proceedings, pending issues with justice. If you are under investigation or if you are on trial, if you are engaged in an exhausting lawsuit, then it’s highly probable that you’ll find an important resource, an unexpected help, a kind of miraculous support, something or somebody who gets you out of trouble or manages to produce a favourable judgment – or at least, a sentence which is not so bad for you. The other way around, if you are having a wonderful time in your love life and if you aren’t facing any trouble at all with the law, then Jupiter in the 7th House may bring huge quarrels, separations, even a divorce, stamped paper of all kinds, troubles with justice, individuals or institutions attacking you, declared enemies, and even more: with this Jupiter one can even expect to be a victim of acts of terrorism, robberies or attempts of robbery. Someone might wound you. As I said, it is not clear how it really works: still, having collected and studied thousands and thousands of charts of Solar Returns, I can assert for certain that this rule proves to be true in the overwhelming majority of the cases, if not in all of them.

The same reasoning can be ascribed to your partner, husband or wife, associates in business, education, politics, etc. Nonetheless besides the bipolarity that I have defined as ‘bistable’ there’s another attribute that I’ve often met with this celestial position. During the twelve months of such a SR, your partner, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, associate or whatever, is bound to stand out for some reason. They might recover from bad health or they might grow in their profession or social position, and so on. It is a good time, anyway, to take somebody into partnership, if this is what you are looking for.




What would you place, in an Aimed Solar Return or in an Aimed Lunar Return, to improve the health sector for the subject?



I would choose Jupiter or Venus in the first or in the sixth Houses, with these asters very close to the Ascendant, but not perfectly joined because, in that case, we would have a Venus in the first House (very good for health), but also a Venus in the twelfth House (bad for love and for relatives’ conditions).

Even Jupiter in the twelfth House is good for health and has not side effects.  

Naturally Venus and Jupiter, for this goal and for others, can be even on the cusps (I/2nd or 5th/6th).

Obviously I will obtain a higher result if I am able to insert Venus and Jupiter in the same House (the first or the sixth).





What would you place, in an Aimed Solar Return or in an Aimed Lunar Return, to improve the work sector for the subject?


Here are a florilegium of astrological situations to use. First of all I will try to place Jupiter joined to Mid Heaven or Venus joined to Mid Heaven or a big and wonderful stellium in the tenth House: Jupiter, Venus, Sun, Mercury, Pluto…

In another way I will use Jupiter or Venus or Jupiter plus Venus in the sixth House.

But I could try also the way to potentiate a money improvement as I wrote above.